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Reality Check #4

With the next HKC fast approaching on July 30th in Melbourne, time is running out to register for the Level 1 Kettlebell Course with the only RKC/CK-FMS/CST certified instructor in Australia.

Check out this link for more information on the HKC:

The RKC is the leading kettlebell certification in the World. So if you really want to know how to use kettlebells, rather than trying to learn via book, DVD or from someone else who hasn’t doesn’t done any formal training or certification with the World’s best then you are missing out. There is no substitute for hands on training provided by those who have actually walked the walk.

Attend the level 1 workshop and leave with the following advantages:

  • A deep understanding of the true benefits of kettlebell training—for both yourself and your clients
  • A solid knowledge of vital kettlebell training safety procedures
  • A workmanlike grasp of the fundamentals of biomechanics—to ensure your clients move with perfect form and avoid injury
  • A grasp of the key HardStyle skills and principles of strength
  • The ability to competently perform the three foundational kettlebell exercises (the Swing, the Get-Up, and the Goblet Squat)
  • The confidence you can now correctly teach the three essential kettlebell exercises—and troubleshoot common technique problems

And discover this and more in your Level 1 workshop leading towards the HKC and RKC:

  • Understand why mastery of the kettlebell swing is fundamental to high-level HardStyle practice
  • How to develop power through compensatory acceleration and overspeed eccentrics
  • How to train hip extension for back and knee health and athletic performance
  • How to employ bracing and neutral spine—for injury prevention, enhanced performance and optimal transmission of force
  • How to recruit the lat as a “core muscle” to improve the spine safety and glute strength
  • How to increase power with the biomechanical breathing match
  • A safe, effective modality for developing different types of endurance
  • Explosive training techniques for more effective fat-loss
  • The deadlift: the most “functional” exercise of all
  • The two-arm swing and corrective exercises
  • The concept of rooting and two key drills for developing it
  • The one-arm swing
  • The hand-to-hand swing
  • Russian relaxation exercises to enhance the acquisition of skilful movement, increase power and endurance
  • The two hundred year history of the get-up
  • The get-up as an assessment tool
  • The strength and health benefits of the get-up
  • How to correctly perform the get-up and teach corrective drills
  • How to move from mobility to stability, then from stability to strength—and why this progression is crucial for truly effective kettlebell work
  • The get-up, shoulder mobility and stability exercises. The role of the lat in shoulder stability and strength—and advanced lat facilitation techniques
  • The concepts of leakage and linkage—and their importance for effective kettlebell lifting
  • How to perform the goblet squat and corrective drills
  • “Strength stretching” for the hips
  • How to overcome gluteal amnesia
  • How to most effectively stretch the hip flexors to dramatically improve athletic performance, back health, and posture
  • And more!!!

Here is the link to attend the HKC

For those that have already attended our Level 1, my observation as a National Fitness presenter and a qualified trainer for 12 years now is that:

1. The retention of knowledge and material from short courses (or even two day certification courses such as the Thump Boxing and Kickboxing for Fitness course I run) is quite low and a lot of the small finer points are missed-these are the points that make the difference between a good trainer and a GREAT trainer.

2. Most people attend intermediate and advanced courses without having practiced and mastered the fundamentals and developing a sound foundation first and as such build more advanced technique on poor basics and just like building a house-if you build it on a foundation of sand, its likely to come crashing down.

To do our Level 1 Workshop is just $200 for a 3 hour workshop. To come in and complete the Level 1 course as a refresher course it is just $150.00. And if you bring a paying friend on the refresher after completing it once already it is just $100.00. (Half price) If you are attending for a third consecutive time it is FREE.

I will also be making myself available before and after the workshop for those who really want go into the finer points of their kettlebell lifting or the functional movement screen ( in a one on one PT environment.

Here is the link to attend.

Don’t miss out….

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